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Per Adura Ad Justicia

Justice Served features the dedicated, pro-bono efforts of Frank Louis Amodeo to assist and help those defendants victimized by the criminal justice system.  Some of these victims are actually innocent, but most are not.  Nonetheless, they all have been damaged by erroneous, illegal, or mistaken sentences.
Mr. Amodeo went to prison two years ago; within two weeks he became the law clerk at the Coleman Low legal library.  He expected to use his general legal knowledge to help some individuals and have an opportunity to learn criminal law.  As it so often happens, things turned out differently.
In part because he refused to charge people even the modest fees charged by typical jailhouse lawyers and in part because his refusal to allow an injustice to remain unresolved.  Mr. Amodeo became very busy.  During the last two years he has assisted more than 1200 inmates with over 1500 matters.  The cost savings to the legal system, the prison system, and to society generally is not reasonably estimatable, i.e.,

  • To get your traffic fine resolved so you can get a drivers license;
  • What is the value of resolving open domestic relations issues so a dad can receive visits from his children;
  • What is the benefit of completing a bankruptcy while incarcerated, so you have a true fresh start;
  • How can one value the cost of resolving administrative obstacles in order that an individual may spend time with his parents during the last few months of their lives;
  • Watching Bennic Shultz be unexpected immediately released on the Friday before Christmas Eve – priceless

   Justice Served
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